The beneficial effects of massages have been enjoyed since ancient times: they have been known for their beneficial physiological changes, pain relief, increased blood circulation and metabolism, calming of the nervous system by massage, muscle relaxation, and improved skin tone. We also offer classic and exclusive massages, with the help of which you can get rid of all stress and pain, and return to the rush of everyday life, refreshed with new energies, in complete physical and mental harmony.

Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom
Medical massage
Massage is one of the most ancient methods of preventing and curing diseases. With a special technique, the therapeutic masseur helps to dissolve the muscle nodules and relax the stuck, bound muscles. Recommended for our guests doing sedentary work or requiring a strong massage. Peppermint - rosemary, lavender or odorless vegetable oil is also available.

Treatment time:  25 minutes    4 500 HUF
                               50 minutes    7 900 HUF
Classic massage
A medium-strength massage performed with the Swedish massage technique. In areas massaged with Western techniques, cell metabolism improves and blood and lymphatic circulation intensifies. Tense, stiff muscles regenerate and become looser. Recommended for those who have not been massaged before or require a medium-strength massage.

Treatment time:   25 minutes   4 500 HUF
                                50 minutes   7 900 HUF
Aroma massage

It was recognized early on in ancient cultures that natural plant-based oils are not only effective healers of physical pain, but also have a beneficial effect on our state of mind, mood, and feelings. The vegetable essential oils we use are made from herbs and exclusively natural ingredients. Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin and are also perfect for relaxation and refreshment. For our guests who are basically living a stressful lifestyle, who want to be refreshed and energized, we recommend our relaxing, low-strength and medium-strength aroma oil treatments with Swedish massage techniques.

Treatment time:    25 minutes    4 000 HUF
                                50 minutes    7 200 HUF
                                75 minutes    9 900 HUF

Choose from our fragrance groups to suit your mood:


  • invigorating peppermint - rosemary
  • spicy garden hyssop
  • refreshing lemon


  • beautifying grape seed oil
  • skin nourishing mango
  • sweet strawberry


  • soothing lavender
  • stress relieving lemongrass
Skin care massage
Our skin care massages and treatments are real miracle cures: they beautify, replenish, regenerate and heal. They smooth out body and soul. It's worth taking a moment, it's worth it. Even if we want to feel better, even if we want beauty, even if we heal. And positive experiences will speak for themselves.

Our nourishing and moisturizing massage creams contain collagen and other skin-related substances that help restore skin elasticity and increase skin firmness with their nourishing ingredients. Certain ingredients slow down the natural aging process, regulating the skin’s moisture content. Recommended for any skin type.

Treatment time:   25 minutes    4 000 HUF
                               50 minutes    7 200 HUF
                               75 minutes    9 900 HUF

Choose the massage cream that suits your skin needs:
  • Collagen vanilla-jasmine massage
  • Moisturizing coconut massage
  • Firming tropical massage
Relaxing face and head massage
Without cream, we massage the face from the forehead to the tip of the chin with gentle, smoothing and pressing movements, followed by the ear and scalp. During the treatment, our guests receive perfect relaxation, their thoughts and feelings are calmed down. This type of massage can also be used by expectant mothers.

Treatment time:    20 minutes   3 500 HUF
Foot massage
The refreshing foot massage is suitable for regeneration and relaxation. In case of fatigue and depression, it improves mood, refreshes blood circulation. After the treatment, you feel as if you have got rid of huge weights, your gait becomes flexible and easy.

Treatment time:   20 minutes    3 500 HUF
children's massage

There is also a little pampering for the kids. From the age of 5, we welcome those who want to refresh themselves. The youngest members of the family can choose from strawberry or lavender scents.

Treatment time:   20 minutes   3 500 HUF

Appointments are made at the reception of our hotel.

Please arrive for treatments without your jewelry. If you are still unable to use a booked treatment time, please cancel it at least 12 hours before the start of treatment. Otherwise, 50% of the price of the treatment will be charged.

Before the massage, consult our masseurs about your health condition.

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