Szent Erzsébet Spa

Szent Erzsébet Spa

Szent Erzsébet Spa was opened in Mórahalom in 1964. Today, thanks to the uninterrupted developments, the spa has 6 pools in which visitors can enjoy the benevolent effects of the medicinal water and pamper themselves with wellness services. It boasts a host of other pools (15 pools) to provide its guests with a care-free relaxation. Its “Sauna World” is an ideal destination for all those who wish to refresh and detox their body. The Children’s Pool, primarily meant for infants and kids, guarantees care-free entertainment and safe relaxation for the whole family. The medical section helps to treat and prevent illnesses and diseases. It has been granted a four-star classification which expressly proves that the spa renders high quality services.

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Important changes
From 1st September 2021 all of our guests (regardless to their age) must present and hand over their ID cards or passports for document scanning at the time of check-in to our hotels due to modification of the Act no. CLVI/2016. of Hungary.

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