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Mórahalom is now a real spa town. Therapeutic thermal water, medical and wellness treatments, hotel, cultural events, gastronomic specialties await our guests. We offer an unforgettable experience for all ages. You can also pay with a holiday check and health insurance card at St. Elizabeth's Bath. The Medical Department also acts as a knee and shoulder center, offering a number of special treatments for these problems. Internet access is available in the spa area to meet today's needs.

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History of the thermal bath in Mórahalom

The first moment in the history of the facility, then known as the City Bath, was the 660 m deep thermal well drilled in 1960, which is still in operation. The well obtains its alkali bicarbonate water from the sedimentary layers of the Pannonian ancient sea. The mineral-rich, iodine-like water of well B-13 at 39.5 ° C was officially certified as medicinal water in 1999, but even before that it helped thousands of patients recover. It is used in spa treatments for the treatment of abrasive and inflammatory joint and spinal diseases, muscle rheumatism and gynecological diseases. A clinical study carried out during the declaration of the thermal well as medicinal water statistically confirmed the pronounced healing effect of the bath water in diseases of the knee and shoulder joints, so the spa can rightly be called the “knee and shoulder center” of the region. Warm water increases the metabolism of joints, muscles and organs, accelerates the absorption of nutrients from the blood, increases the release of waste products from the cells. The minerals in the thermal water are absorbed through the skin, thus exerting their specific beneficial effects. In water, the healing movement of diseased joints is much easier due to the buoyancy.

The city of Mórahalom has been continuously developing and expanding its healthcare services for years. The spa was completely renovated in 2004 and, thanks to the changes, received a new name and a renewed image. However, the development of the Erzsébet Spa, which serves as the knee and shoulder center of the region, could not miss the drilling of another thermal well.

The water of the B-40 thermal well with a base depth of 1,300 m was classified as a mineral water in 2007, and then it also underwent a long process of medicinal water certification, so from 2009 it serves the institution as Árpád medicinal water. The water from the new well, like the water from the old well, has a significant amount of minerals, but thanks to its temperature of 67.5 ° C, it also supplies heating to the entire complex. The first moment in the history of the facility, then known as the City Bath, was the 660 m deep thermal well (B-13) drilled in 1960, which is still in operation. The thermal water of 39.5 oC was officially certified as a medicinal water in 1999, and the name Erzsébet medicinal water was adopted in 2010. This year, Mórahalom, Szent László and Mátyás Hunyadi, grew with two more medicinal waters.

The recommended bathing time is 30-45 minutes at a time

Indications for medicinal water

Non-acute phase of arthritis, degenerative joint lesions (arthrosis), chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases of the spine, rehabilitation of diseases of the central nervous system, paralysis, chronic nerve pain, sports injuries, neuritis, eczema, chronic dermatitis, chronic skin diseases rehabilitation, chronic gynecological diseases (adnexitis, chr.)), infertility, chronic urological diseases (prostatitis chr.), chronic gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis).

Contraindications to medicinal water

People with tumor disease, all acute inflammation in the body, severe, untreated cardiovascular disease, severe central nervous system disease, any infectious disease, venous thrombosis, pregnancy.

Medical department

St. Elizabeth's Bath offers a wide range of medical treatments. The spa offers more than thirty different treatments for patients.

For a Hungarian citizen with a valid health insurance card, we provide a rheumatologist's specialist examination, physiotherapy and onshore physiotherapy treatments among the medical services in the spa free of charge against a referral from a general practitioner or specialist.

In addition to terrestrial and aquatic physiotherapy groups, individual physiotherapy can also be requested. Water group gymnastics (eg water spine gymnastics, water hip, neck, shoulder and knee gymnastics) are also available. Onshore group exercises: spine, scoliosis, goosefoot, shoulder, and neck, hip, knee, osteoporosis, incontinence (maternal pelvic muscle) and maternity gymnastics.


We all want a more ideal figure. In this area, not only with gymnastics, but also with various body treatments, we can achieve visible results in a short time. The spa offers body wraps, ultrasonic body treatments and vacuum treatments.

Bath treatments

For changes, diseases and last but not least for the prevention, special treatments such as thermal bath, carbonated bath, underwater jet massage (tangentor), weight bath can be added to the bath.

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From 1st September 2021 all of our guests (regardless to their age) must present and hand over their ID cards or passports for document scanning at the time of check-in to our hotels due to modification of the Act no. CLVI/2016. of Hungary.

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