Chemical composition of the thermal water

Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom

The concentrations of the dissolved components (in mg) in 1 litre of certified medicinal water from the spa in Mórahalom are presented in the following documents:

Mineral content of “Árpád” water (well B-40)
Mineral content of “Erzsébet” water (thermal well B-13)

Indications for spa therapies

Indications: non-acute phase of arthritises, degenerative deformation of joints (artrosis), different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine, rehabilitation of central nervous system disorders, paralyses, neuralgia, neuritis, acute skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, pruritus) rehabilitation of injuries and sports injuries, chronic gynaecological diseases (adnexitis, chr.), infertility, chronic urologic diseases (prostatitis chr.) and chronic gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis).

Counter indications:

Malignant tumours, every kind of acute inflammatory diseases, non-treated cardiovascular diseases, serious illnesses of the central nervous system, any type of epidemic diseases and pregnancy.


Szent Erzsébet Spa provides a wide spectrum of medical treatments. The spa is at the patients’ disposal with more than 30 different treatments. 

Of the medical treatments provided by the spa, examinations by rheumatologist, physical therapy and non-aquatic physiotherapy treatments exercises are free for Hungarian citizens who have a valid Health Insurance Card and medical referral from a family doctor or from a specialist.

Besides hydrotherapy and non-aquatic physical therapy group trainings, bespoke physical therapy treatments can also be requested. Hydrotherapy group treatments include special hydrotherapy exercises and trainings for backbone, hips, neck, shoulders and knees. Land-based physical therapy group treatments include special exercises and trainings indicated for backbone disorders, scoliosis, flat foot, the problems of shoulders, neck, hips and knees, osteoporosis, incontinence (the training strengthens the muscles of the female pelvic floor) and expectant mothers training.

Body shaping

Who hasn’t dreamt of a more ideal figure? In addition to work-out training, various body treatments can help you to achieve noticeable improvements in your body contour in a short time. To realise your dream, the spa offers you body wrapping, ultrasonic body treatment and vacuum treatment. Please, take your pick!

Tub bath treatments

To tackle deformations and diseases and last but not least for the sake of prevention, you can go for special treatments like thermal water tub bath, carbonic acid bath, under-water jet massage (tangentor) and weight bath.

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