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Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom - Szabadidős programok

Various recreational activities await our guests in and around Mórahalom!

In addition to numerous sporting activities, sightseeing, hiking and many cultural programmes ensure that you can get away from the daily routine. Participation in these programmes is an excellent opportunity to get to know the sights and traditions of Mórahalom and its surroundings, both inside and outside the country, and to learn about the life and history of the local people.

Visit the nearby town of Szeged, where you can enjoy the unique taste of Szeged fish soup, among the many activities and attractions.



Attractions in the area

  • Ezer Év Parkja - Park of a Thousand Years

The Park of a Thousand Years, or the Mórahalom Skanzen, a two-hectare park, contains architectural symbols and historical monuments of historic Hungary in the form of 1:25 scale models. Churches, castles, palaces, palaces, castles and monuments can be seen in the park, which also marks Lake Balaton and shows the course of the Danube and the Tisza. Discounted entrance tickets are available for our guests at the hotel reception.

  • Rétesház - Strudel House

The Rétesház is located in the centre of Mórahalom, at 5 Zákányszéki út. The Rétesház is a strudel-making workshop, reminiscent of the gastronomic speciality of the early 20th century Hungary, and behind the building complex there is an open-air exhibition and consumer area. In addition to traditional strudels, special strudels are also available at the Rétesház! There are also strudel with pumpkin, cabbage, salt and curd, peach and curd, cherry and curd, cheese and sesame.

  • St. László Church and other attractions

The Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to Saint Lazarus. Next to the church is the statue of the Guardian Angels. Mass is held 3 times a day and on Sundays.

The 1848 Memorial opposite the church is the site of the 15 March celebrations.

The World War I memorial was designed by sculptor Gyula Bethlen in 1927.

The World War II and '56 memorial was made by Mihály Fritz, a sculptor from Szeged.

Klára Tóbiás' Millennium Fountain, made of marble, is also located in Szent László Park. The fountain is decorated with enamel paintings of Hungarian saints.

Ferenc Polyák's woodcarving entitled Férfifej (Man's Head) is located in the inner part of the park, next to the baths.

The bust of Ferenc Móra and the Teachers' Tree stand in front of the primary school.

The headstone and the town gates were carved by István Nagy.

The statue of Kunó Klebelsberg in front of the Aranyszöm Rendezvényház is the work of Márton Kalmár, a sculptor from Szeged.

The statue of Elisabeth in front of the Spa is the work of sculptor Sándor Kligl and is an eternal reminder of women and life-giving water.

  • Adventure programmes and excursions organised by the Mórahalmi Tourinform Office

More information

  • Nagyszéksós buffalo reserve

The buffalo reserve is located 5 km from the centre of Mórahalom on the road connecting Mórahalom to Röszke, where visitors can watch the buffalo from lookouts or even get up close and personal with them for a petting. In addition to buffalo petting, visitors can also go boating in the Nagyszéksós lake if the weather is good and the water level is right.

  • Lake Madarász

The magnificent birdlife of Lake Madarász is 4 km from the centre of Mórahalom. It is a natural water catchment lake. Currently used as a fish pond, it is a nature reserve where herons, guillemots and stork are found. The deeper parts of the lake are frequented by skimmers.

  • Csipak-semlyék and Tanaszi semlyék

The Csipak-semlyék preserves the former associations and their now rare protected plant species. Among these species, Corn Cocklebur, Marsh Coneflower and Siberian Lily of the Valley are found here in significant numbers. The occurrence of swamp sword-flower and spider bane is significant. The protected orchids of the Csipak-semlyék are also a delight.

The Tanaszi semlyék is characterised by mosaicism and diversity. Among the protected plant species, the 5-10,000 population of the highly protected spider's bane is outstanding, but the occurrence of the spotted saffron and the marsh rush is also significant. The 'Small-fingered Meadow' is known as the 'Miracle Meadow' by the people of Ásotthalom, a small island between Ásotthalom and Mórahalom, where it is a miracle that it has survived in its present splendour.

  • Hikes

Tours are mainly organised for individual tourists, families and small groups. The guided tours offer participants the opportunity to discover places and unique natural values that are inaccessible to mass tourism. Tours can also be booked for groups at other times. The Móra Tour The Nagyszéksós School and Ecohouse is the starting point of the Móra Tour route, which introduces the features and curiosities of the surrounding villages on foot, on horseback and by bike. The 4.5-43 km route can be covered on foot, by bike or on horseback.

Guided tour 1: Bölömbika trail

The Nagyszéksós Lake in Mórahalm is one of the valuable saline habitats of the Danube-Tisza area. These lakes collect the water of the semi-aquatic streams and serve as a habitat and feeding ground for nesting and migratory birds in the area. The trail shows the diverse, mosaic habitats of the Nagyszéksós Lake and its surroundings, the reedbeds, reedbeds, waterfront communities, grasslands and the established buffalo reserve.

Length: 3 km
Type: information panels
Language: Hungarian, English, Serbian
Recommended period to visit: March to October on foot
Access: parking at the school in Nagyszéksós or combined with a cycling tour as part of a forest school programme.
Recommended equipment: waterproof footwear, binoculars, mosquito repellent
Duration: 3 hours Cost: min. Min. 12.000 Ft (400 Ft/person)
Programme access: on foot/ by bike/ car/ bus
Recommended number of participants: min.10 - max.30 persons/ tour

Guided tour 2: Csipak semlyék

Water management has changed the landscape, the remaining semlyaks are an isolate of the former communities and their now rare protected plant species. One of these remnants is the Chiapak ponds. Its main botanical value is outstanding. There are also significant numbers of cornflowers, marsh rushes, Siberian lady's moss and the highly protected spider bane.

Length: 3 km
Type: with information panels
Language: Hungarian, English, Serbian
Recommended period to visit: from March to October on foot
Access: parking at the Green Community House
Recommended equipment: waterproof footwear, binoculars, mosquito repellent
Duration: 2,5-3 hours Cost: min. Min. 12.000 Ft (400 Ft/person)
Programme access: on foot/ by bike/ car/ bus
Recommended number of participants: min.10 - max.30 persons/ tour

Guided tour 3: "Csodarét" Miracle Meadow trail

3 km from the centre of Mórahalom on the Kissori road, signposted to the dirt road leading to the Királyhalmi School. Of the 251 plant species recorded here so far, 19 are protected and 3 are specially protected. Its diversity and in many ways uniqueness led its first visitors to call it "Chodaret". The nature trail shows the most important plant communities of the meadow and the traces of human activity on the landscape over the last two hundred years.

Length: 4 km
Type: information panels
Language: Hungarian, English, Serbian
Recommended visiting period: March to October on foot
Access: from Királyhalmi school
Recommended equipment: waterproof footwear, binoculars, mosquito repellent
Duration: 2,5-3 hours Cost: min. Min. 12.000 Ft (400 Ft/person)
Programme access: on foot/ by bike/ by car/ by bus
Recommended number of participants: min.10 - max.30 persons/ tour

More information:
Green Community House and Forest School
6782, Mórahalom IV.ker.65.
+36 (30) 257-7541
Contact: e-mail, website

  • Cycling, running

The beautiful natural surroundings and the 44 km of high quality cycle paths are perfect for walking and running enthusiasts, and can also be used for safe cycling tours.

  • Horse riding

There are several facilities in the Mórahalom area for horse riding, horse-drawn carriage rides, horse carriage rides, horse-drawn carriage rides, horse-touring and horse riding lessons. Horse riding lessons based on Hungarian traditions and horse riding tours offer families and groups of friends the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of the lowland countryside by horse carriage or carriage. Horse and cavalry shows are also organised for groups.

  • Sandland Quad Safari

Explore the Mórahalom area by quad bike and get the experience of a lifetime! During the tour you will enjoy the beautiful nature, deer and wild rabbits will accompany you. You can visit the Buffalo Reserve in Mórahalom, Lake Madarász, go up to the bird sanctuary of Lake Nagyszéksós and admire old Russian planes up close.

The tours are popular with both male and female guests. Guides are on hand to help you learn all the tricks of quad biking, so that in just a few minutes you can get used to these special vehicles and become a fan of this special pastime by the end of the tour. You are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime if you choose the Sandland Quad Safari!

Quad tours start from 2 people, currently up to 6 people can come at a time. You can come with one person, but you will have to join an existing date.
Before each quad tour, participants will have a short training session and then practice driving techniques, cornering, reversing, going up and down hills on a track quad.
The quad tour is led by a qualified tour guide, with the help of a CB radio.
The tours, including instruction, last about 3 hours and cover 20-30 km. The exact duration and length of the quad ride will depend on the time taken for instruction and practice, and the pace of the tour.

The quad bikes will take you to various locations, e.g.: Buffalo Reserve, Móra Hill, Lake Madarász, Lake Nagyszéksós, Lake Nagyszéksós Bird Lookout, Tito Bunkers, Russian an2 aircraft, etc.
It is possible to take photos at the above mentioned stops.

During the tours everyone rides a separate quad bike, no passengers are allowed. The tours are open to persons over 18 years of age with a category B driving licence (1 child may participate free of charge in the guide car).
Equipment is provided (helmet, dust mask, dust glasses, cb radio, gloves in cooler weather).
Recommended clothing: comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather, long trousers (only thinner in summer). Closed shoes (traditional sports shoes or boots, definitely not thin canvas or sneakers.) Clothing and shoes may be muddy and dusty during the hike!

Advance telephone booking required!

For more information:

  • Segway

A segway is a self-balancing, single-axle, two-wheeled, electrically powered device designed for human locomotion. There are 6-7 km segway tours in Mórahalom, more information about which is available on request at the hotel reception.

Lake Nagyszéksós Segway tour - The world of buffaloes

We will show the participants of the Segway tour the exceptional sight of the Nagyszéksós Lake, where they can enjoy a refreshment while looking at the buffalo enclosure, the fauna and flora of the lake and its beautiful surroundings. The price of the tour includes a discounted spa pass to the St. Elisabeth Mórahalmi Spa.

The tour includes:

Use of Segway PT* for 2-2,5 hours with a tour guide

2-2-2 hours on the Segway with 2-2 hours on the Segway. Visit to Biteszék, Nagyszéksós Lake, buffalo paddock, a glass of refreshment for each participant.

*The use of Segway PT is allowed for people over 14 years of age, for further conditions please contact the contact details provided.

Participation in the tour is subject to prior registration.
The package is available by special arrangement, min. The tour can also be booked at other times subject to availability.

Length: 6-7 km
Number of participants: 3-7 persons
Level of difficulty: medium
Guiding language: Hungarian, English

More information:
+36 (70) 374-7224

  • Fishing

There are fishing lakes on the outskirts of Mórahalom, where you can fish for carp, catfish, pike, bream, crucian carp, bream, bream, amur, compo, amur, and bream. In addition to fishing, the environment is also suitable for outdoor cooking. The Lisztes and Sárgás sections of the Gyálai Holt - Tisza are also suitable for fishing, both on the Röszke side and on the Szeged side. The most common fish species are carp, bream, crucian carp, dwarf bream, perch, catfish, amur. On the side towards Röszke, the bank is broadly reeded in places. There are many numbered fishing places.

  • Golf

Golf lovers can try their hand at the Homokháti Golf Club in Mórahalom. The driving range offers a wide range of leisure activities in addition to golf. Next to the beautifully renovated farmhouse, an outdoor, covered cooking area has been created, which provides an ideal venue for family and friends gatherings and events. Behind the house, a fishing lake has been created for the enjoyment of anglers. Animals such as ponies, peacocks and donkeys also live here and roam freely in the area set aside for them.

  • Szeged

Szeged is the capital of Csongrád-Csanád county and the largest city in south-eastern Hungary. It lies at the mouth of the Tisza and the Maros rivers, 170 km from Budapest, near the Serbian and Romanian borders. It is 20 km from Mórahalom. The "city of sunshine" offers a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and sporting events, festivals and fairs throughout the year, including the Colosseum Hotel.

Zoo Szeged

The Szeged Zoo is one of the youngest zoos in Hungary and the largest in terms of area. It specialises mainly in rare and endangered species, with the South American section being particularly outstanding. An excellent outdoor programme every day of the year.

More information


Szegedi Dome

The Votive Church or Szeged Cathedral (officially the Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary) is a neo-Romanesque cathedral in the city of Szeged, on Dóm Square. The building is the main church of the Szeged-Csanád diocese, with its 81 m high towers it is the 5th tallest church in the country and one of the most dominant buildings in the city. It is the only cathedral in Hungary built in the 20th century and an iconic symbol of Szeged.

More information

Szeged Botanical Garden

The Szeged Botanical Garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in the country, with a vast area, beautiful surroundings and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The garden features more than 40 protected species, some of which are found only in Hungary. The Indian lotus is unique in Central Europe, covering an area of 1200 square metres of pond when in bloom, and is sure to be an unforgettable sight. Exotic plants are on display in the greenhouses, where you can also learn how plants have adapted to the tropical climate. You can admire orchids, bananas, coffee and even carnivorous plants! The herb garden also houses a rose garden and a cactus collection.

More information

  • Paprika Museum - Röszke

In the Paprika Museum, 10 km from Szeged, you can find out everything you need to know about Hungarian paprika in the Paprika Park in Röszke, which is located in the paprika drying and grinding plant.

  • Ópusztaszeri National Park - Ópusztaszer

The Ópusztaszeri National Park offers a wide range of attractions, historical monuments (Feszty's statue), works of art (statue park, Árpád monument, Székelykapu, etc.), programmes (horse riding programmes, exhibitions). In the open-air area, the historical monuments of the Hungarians are presented in a unique way (Csete yurts). Participants in the educational activities and courses can gain a lot of interesting knowledge. An excellent and interesting attraction for children and adults alike.

More information

  • Makó treetop promenade

For regular nature walkers, the sights, sounds and smells of the forest are nothing new, but for those who rarely visit the forest, getting up close and personal with the world of the tree canopy can be a new experience. The higher up you go in the canopy, the more the world changes around you, different creatures and birds appear, but even the same giant tree shows us a different face up in the airy, sunlit branches of the canopy than it does down below, in the canopy and the thick trunks.

More information

Tip: Photography enthusiasts can take stunning pictures of the lowland landscape from the bird sanctuary of the Great Séchaux Buffalo Reserve.


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