Sightseeing and culture

Sightseeing and culture


The park of a thousand years, is the Mórahalom open-air museum on a two-hectare area, includes the architectural symbols and historical monuments of historical Hungary in the form of 1:25 scale models. Churches, castles, palaces as well as castles and monuments can also be seen in the park, which shows the river Danube and the Tisza and also marks Lake Balaton. We provide our guests with a discounted ticket at the reception of our hotel.





The buffalo reserve is located 5 km from the inner part of Mórahalom on the road connecting Mórahalm with Röszke, where visitors can watch the everyday life of the buffalo bull from a lookout or even get close to the body for a caress. In addition to buffalo petting, Lake Nagyszéksós also offers boating opportunities for good weather and adequate water levels.






The admirable birdlife of Lake Madarász can be seen 4 km from the center of Mórahalom. Natural catchment lake. It is currently a nature reserve used as a fishpond, where herons, gulls and storks can also be found. Grasshoppers are also frequent visitors to deeper-water lake units.






The Csipak-semlyék preserves the former associations and these are now rare protected plant species. Among these species, cornice, bog and Siberian female petals occur in significant numbers here. The occurrence of marsh gladiolus and spider warbler is significant. The protected orchids of chippies are also captivating.

Strudel House

The Rétesház is located in the center of Mórahalom, at 5 Zákányszéki street. Citing the gastronomic specialty of Klebelsberg-era Hungary, there is a strudel making workshop and an open-air exhibition and consumer space in the Strata House behind the building complex. In addition to the traditional strudels, special strudels are also available in the Strudel House. Pumpkin, cabbage, salt-cottage cheese, peach-cottage cheese and cherry-cottage cheese strudel. As well as salted stangli with cheese and sesame seeds.




Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom


The Roman Catholic Church was dedicated in honor of St. Ladislaus. Next to the church is the statue of the Guardian Angels. Mass is held 3 times a day and on Sundays.

Opposite the church, the 1848 monument is the site of the March 15 celebrations.

The World War I memorial was built in 1927 according to the plan of sculptor Gyula Bethlen.

A II. World War II and 56 monument, made by sculptor Mihály Fritz from Szeged.

Klára Tóbiás' Millennium Well, made of marble, is also located in Szent László Park. The well is decorated with fire enamel paintings of Hungarian saints.

Ferenc Polyák's woodcarving Man's Head is located in the inner part of the park, next to the bath.

In front of the primary school is the bust of Ferenc Móra and the Tree of the Teachers.

The headboard and the city gates were made by wood carver István Nagy.

The Klebelsberg Kunó statue in front of the Aranyszöm Event House is the work of the sculptor Márton Kalmár from Szeged.

The Erzsébet Statue in front of the Spa is the work of the sculptor Sándor Kligl, it commemorates women and the water that gives life.

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