Programmes around Mórahalom

Programmes around Mórahalom

“Madárkert” (Bird Garden): This collection of pet birds and small mammals boasts an aviary which exhibits one of the largest selections of bird species in Hungary. It is the first such collection that is open to the general public.

Narrow Gauge Railway Station (Domaszék): Currently the station has 3 exhibition rooms in which railway historical collections, documents and photos depict the history of the narrow gauge railway and its service.

Paprika Museum: Visitors can learn interesting facts and figures about paprika in the Röszke Paprika Park, only 10 km from Szeged. There is an operating paprika drying and milling firm and a museum. The exhibition tells you all you need to know about Hungarian paprika: its origins, growing, uses, traditional and modern ways of processing.

House of Local History – Üllés: It houses an exhibition of kindergarten and school history. Visitors can also see an excellent display of everyday objects from bygone times as well as tools and equipment used in agriculture.

Ópusztaszer National Memorial Park: This memorial park and open-air museum of Hungarian history awaits visitors with plenty of attractions. It is most famous for the Feszty Panorama, a cyclorama depicting the arrival of the Magyars to the Carpathian Basin in 895-896. It also houses a considerable amount of works of art (statue park, Memorial of Árpád, the Grand Prince of Magyars, carved Szekler gates) and organises a lot of programmes to attract visitors. The open-air museum presents the memorabilia of the Hungarian history in a very unique way (Csete yurts). This memorial park is a Mecca for children and adults who are interested in the history of Hungary. The heritage park has a lot to offer even to those who attend academic courses on history.

Palics (Palić in Serbian) is situated in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia and famous for its lake and zoo. Today, it is best to cross the border at Röszke if you want to see Palics and Szabadka (Subotica in Serbian).

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