Drink menu


Agárdi Miraculum
(apricot, plum, Irsai Olivér grape, pear, black cherry)
0,02 l 1 400 Ft
0,04 l 2 700 Ft


  0,06 l
Martini (Bianco, Rosso, Extra Dry) 1 050 Ft
Campari 1 600 Ft
Aperol 1 600 Ft


  0,02 l 0,04 l
Finlandia 750 Ft 1 400 Ft
Absolut Blue 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Belvedere 1 550 Ft 3 000 Ft
Grey Goose 1 700 Ft 3 300 Ft


  0,02 l 0,04 l
Beefeater 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Bombay Sapphire 950 Ft 1 800 Ft
Agárdi Chameleon 1 500 Ft 2 900 Ft
Tanqueray London Dry 1 400 Ft 2 700 Ft
Hendrick's 1 950 Ft 3 800 Ft


  0,02 l 0,04 l
Bacardi Carta Blanca 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Havana Club Añeo Reserva 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Captain Morgan 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 1 900 Ft 3 700 Ft


  0,02 l 0,04 l
Sierra Tequila Silver 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Olmeca Blanco 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Jose Cuervo Reposado 1 100 Ft 2 100 Ft

Whisky - Whiskey                    

  0,02 l 0,04 l
Johnnie Walker Red 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Ballantine's 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
The Famous Grouse 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Jim Beam 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Jack Daniel's 1 000 Ft 1 900 Ft
Jameson 1 100 Ft 2 100 Ft
Chivas Regal 1 300 Ft 2 500 Ft
Glenfiddich 1 900 Ft 3 600 Ft
Ardberg 2 400 Ft 4 600 Ft

Brandy, Cognac                   

  0,02 l 0,04 l
Metaxa***** 750 Ft 1 400 Ft
Henessy VS 1 800 Ft 3 500 Ft
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 1 900 Ft 3 800 Ft
Calvados Papidoux 900 Ft 1 800 Ft


  0,02 l 0,04 l
Garrone Cherry 600 Ft 1 200 Ft
Bailey's 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Zwack Unicum 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Zwack Unicum Barista 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Jägermeister 850 Ft 1 600 Ft
Kahlua 800 Ft 1 500 Ft
Amaretto Disaronno 900 Ft 1 700 Ft
Cointreau 1 000 Ft 1 900 Ft
Grand Marnier 1 100 Ft 2 100 Ft

Draught beer

  0,3 l 0,5 l
Dreher 950 Ft 1 600 Ft
Pilsner Urquell 1 250 Ft 2 100 Ft


  0,2 l 0,4 l
Floris Kriek Sour Cherry 1 450 Ft 2 800 Ft

Bottled beer

Dreher Gold 0,33 l 1 100 Ft
Pilsner Urquell 0,33 l 1 200 Ft
Peroni 0,33 l 1 400 Ft
HB Weissbier 0,33 l 1 600 Ft
Dreher Bak 0,5 l 1 400 Ft
Dreher alcohol-free 0,33 l  950 Ft
Dreher flavoured alcohol-free 0,33 l 950 Ft

Small-scale manufactured beer

Pannonhalmi  Főapátság Sörfőzde 0,33 l
Blonde, Dubbel 2 450 Ft
Tripel, Quadrupel 2 650 Ft

Purified water, mineral water

Accent purified water (sparkling, still) 0,7 l 800 Ft
NaturAqua (sparkling, still) 0,33 l 550 Ft
Vis Vitalis (sparkling, still) 0,4 l 950 Ft


Classic, strawberry, elderflower, orange, raspberry 0,3 l 950 Ft
0,5 l 1 500 Ft

Soft drink

Coca-Cola products 0,25 l 900 Ft
FeverTree products 0,2 l 1 650 Ft

Juice, ice tea

Rauch products 0,2 l 1 100 Ft
MyTea (lemon, peach) 0,33 l 1 250 Ft

Alcohol-free cocktails 

Virgin Mojito
sparkling water, sugar syrup, mint, lime
1 590 Ft
Virgin Piña or Strawberry Colada
pineapple, cream, coconut syrup, + strawberry syrup
1 790 Ft
Bora Bora
pineapple, ginger, lime, grenadine syrup
1 790 Ft
Lucky Driver
orange, pineapple, grenadine syrup
1 790 Ft
Safe Sex on the Beach
orange, black currant, lemon
1 790 Ft


Martini Royale
Martini Bianco, prosecco, lemon juice
2 190 Ft
Aperol Spritz
Aperol, prosecco, sparkling water
2 990 Ft
prosecco, elderflower syrup, mint, lime, sparkling water
2 990 Ft
Bloody Mary
vodka, tomato, salt, pepper, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lemon
2 190 Ft
vodka, Cointreau, lime, cranberry
2 790 Ft
Sex on the Beach
vodka, Triple Sec, orange, black currant
2 690 Ft
gin, Campari, Martini Rosso
2 790 Ft
Lemonade gin fizz
gin, lemonade, citrus mix
2 190 Ft
rum, sugar syrup, mint, lime, sparkling water
2 190 Ft
white rum, lime, sugar syrup
2 190 Ft
Piña Colada
white rum, cream, coconut syrup, pineapple
2 790 Ft
Strawberry Colada
white rum, cream, coconut syrup, strawberry syrup, pineapple
2 790 Ft
Tequila Sunrise
tequila, grenadine syrup, orange
2 790 Ft
tequila, Triple Sec, lime
2 690 Ft
Long Island Iced Tea
white rum, tequila, vodka, gin, Triple Sec, lime, sugar syrup, Coca-Cola
3 190 Ft

Signature cocktails

Drunk Piggy
rum, sweet vermouth, grenadine syrup, angostura bitter, lime
2 490 Ft
Rob Roy Extra
scotch, bitter liqueur, angostura bitter, lime
2 490 Ft
Nyári Álom
gin, watermelon syrup, lemon, sugar syrup
2 490 Ft
Hugo Colosseum
Irsai Olivér, elderflower syrup, soda, sugar syrup
2 490 Ft
Brooklyn Dream
whiskey, dry vermouth, angostura bitter, lime
2 490 Ft
Lucky Twist
orange, pineapple, grenadine syrup, soda
1 990 Ft
Nyári felfrissülés
espresso, orange
1 390 Ft


Ristretto 750 Ft
Espresso 750 Ft
Doppio 1 300 Ft
Cortado 900 Ft
Americano 750 Ft
Cappuccino 900 Ft
Latte Macchiato 1 050 Ft
Melange 1 250 Ft
Ice coffee 1 550 Ft
Espresso Martini 1 850 Ft
Baileys' Latte 2 150 Ft


Please let us know if you have a special request or a specific coffee order.
Coffees can be made in a caffeine-free version for you!


Dilmah 950 Ft

Downloadable drink menu

Wine list


 Lajvér Pannon "Sound Cuvée", Szekszárd
0,1 l  900 Ft 0,75 l  6 500 Ft


Green and fruity at the same time - yet crisp and fresh, like something to bite into. Each sip is a dance of vibrant acids, juicy and full of momentum. A pulsatingly lively wine, ready for summer.

Etyeki Kúria Irsai Olivér, Etyek
0,1 l  1 150 Ft 0,75 l  8 500 Ft


A modern Irsai Olivér from Etyek, made for the second time. The variety’s usual fragrance and freshness combined with the elegance expected of the winery. The palate is zesty with good acidity, white flowers, grapefruit, tropical fruit, citrus and sweet fruit.
Jásdi Csopaki Olaszrizling Hegybor, Csopak
0,1 l   1 200 Ft 0,75 l  9 000 Ft


Its distinctive flavours, aromas and taste are uniquely mineral thanks to the Permian sandstone and dolomite soil of the place of growth. This wine has a neutral nose characteristic of the variety, with apple and white flowers, then citrusy acidity and minerality.
Kreinbacher Nagy-Somlói Juhfark, Somló
0,1 l   1 450 Ft 0,75 l  10 500 Ft


Following the sorting of the bunches, they were pressed without destemming. In addition to the white-fleshed fruit, the minerality characteristic of Somló dominates the nose. The palate is dynamic with a proportional structure.
Figula Sauvignon Blanc, Balatonfüred-Csopak
0,1 l   1 500 Ft 0,75 l  11 000 Ft


Misi Figula regards highlighting the nuances of the place of growth as the most important aspect when making his wines, and apart from this, his own style – ripeness and the deep flavours of the wines – is just as important.
Gróf Degenfeld Muscat Blanc, Tokaj (bio)
0,1 l   1 500 Ft 0,75 l  11 000 Ft


One of our favourites from the Tarcal winery: the organically cultivated Muscat Blanc that comes from the plot next to the village was bottled fresh, with low sulphur from the tanks. It has the grape variety’s typical elderberry and grapey freshness, while the 12g/l residual sugar and the 6 g/l acidity is in great balance.
Folly Arborétum Cédrus Cuvée (OR-PG), Badacsony
0,1 l   1 800 Ft 0,75 l  13 500 Ft


A blend of Olaszrizling and Pinot Gris made from the grapes of the arboretum. It was fermented in barrels and aged for 9 months on fine lees. It has a creamy, oily texture and a subtly oaky finish.
Laposa Kéknyelű, Badacsony
0,1 l   2 600 Ft 0,75 l  19 500 Ft


A real Badacsony speciality.  At a young age, the nose of the wine evokes white flowers, while later juicy yellow-fleshed fruits appear as it matures. The palate is never exaggerated, with the acidity bringing freshness and the long finish. It’s inimitable.
Matua Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough
0,1 l   2 600 Ft 0,75 l  19 500 Ft


Again, one gets what the green bottle promises from this cosmopolitan New Zealand Sauvignon. Gooseberry, cut grass, elderberry, grapefruit, lime and mint. The vibrant acids of the cool climate are rounded out by nearly five grams of residual sugar. It’s vivacious and explodes in the glass.
Göncöl Sárgamuskotály, Tokaj (semi sweet)
0,1 l   950 Ft 0,75 l  7 000 Ft


One of the most likeable Tokajs, with floral and candy notes on the nose. Full-bodied, round and friendly acid structure, juicy apricot and citrus fruit on the palate.

Konyári Rosé, Balatonlelle
0,1 l   950 Ft 0,75 l  7 000 Ft


The three Bordeaux varieties are complemented by a touch of Kékfrankos. As is typical from this cellar’s wines, this rosé is pure, expressive and tasty with wild strawberry, redcurrant, subtle acidity.
Gere Rosé, Villány
0,1 l   1 050 Ft 0,75 l  7 500 Ft


„This year’s challenge in agriculture has been the drought, but our grapes are healthy and can withstand this hardship well. We are really satisfied with our rosés – they are fresh, with crispy acids, attractive colours and refreshing fruit aromas.” – Andrea Gere
Laposa Rosé, Badacsony
0,1 l   1 100 Ft 0,75 l  8 000 Ft


A lively and richly flavoursome rosé, from the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The processing, the brief skin contact and the temperature-controlled fermentation took place in the family’s new cellar in Badacsony, under the supervision of Bence Laposa. Pure flavours, crisp mouthfeel, fresh acidity.
Sauska Rosé, Villány
0,1 l   1 200 Ft 0,75 l  9 000 Ft


A fresh, crispy, reductive rosé from the winery’s Villány vineyards, made with a Kékfrankos base, complemented with a touch of Syrah and Merlot. Citrus, tangerine, cherry, pure flavours, Provençal feel.

Lajvér Merlot, Szekszárd
0,1 l   950 Ft 0,75 l  7 000 Ft


A little woodland fruit, a pinch of blossom with just a hint of spices. In the sip there is no exaggeration; the sweet spices of the barrel do not overwhelm the fruitiness of plums and blackberries and the acids pump up the wine’s vitality to just the right degree; soft tannins.
Takler Kékfrankos, Szekszárd
0,1 l   950 Ft 0,75 l  7 000 Ft


A zesty Kékfrankos from Szekszárd, with the emphasis on light fruitiness. It was fermented in steel tanks where it was also aged for half a year. New wine character, purplish colour, with a cool, Kékfrankos nose with sour cherry and cherry, and a juicy palate with lively acidity and subtle tannins.
Bolyki Indián Nyár Cuvée, Felső Magyarország
0,1 l   1 100 Ft 0,75 l  8 000 Ft


The nose starts out discreetly, redcurrant, gooseberry and rosehip can be identified in it, but with time, the pale, spice notes also unfold. Red berry fruits also lead the loose-structured palate with subtly sticky tannins.
Günzer Cabernet Franc, Villány
0,1 l   1 300 Ft 0,75 l  9 500 Ft


An unmistakable, complex and deep Villány wine with the recognisable notes of the variety. Sweet spices, mint, eucalyptus, sandalwood, pepper and capsicum, plus redcurrant and black berries. Long palate, delicious sourness.
Kiss Gábor 364 Rouge, Villány
0,1 l   1 450 Ft 0,75 l  10 500 Ft


Forest fruit sourness and sweetness at the same time, in harmony with the oak notes. It’s a substantial wine, in a much denser and more concentrated form this vintage than what we’ve got used to from previous years.

Gere Cabernet Sauvignon, Villány
0,1 l   1 700 Ft 0,75 l  12 500 Ft


From the most highly regarded Bordeaux variety, from the old vines of the Csillagvölgy vineyard. It was fermented in tanks, then aged in used barrels for a year and a half. Bell pepper, blackberries and delicious barrel spices, incense and dark chocolate.
Heimann és Fiai Kadarka, Szekszárd
0,1 l   1 800 Ft 0,75 l  13 500 Ft


A light Kadarka with natural flavours. The very fresh red-plum and nectarine aromas give this light and lively red plenty of character, and the light, healthy tannin gives the juicy finish both a touch of warmth and a clean line.
Kaiken Estate Malbec, Argentína
0,1 l   1 900 Ft 0,75 l  14 000 Ft


The constant favourite from the foot of the Andes. The raw material of one of Kaiken’s entry-level wines grows at almost 1,000 metres above sea level, and the intense aromas for which the variety is loved are thanks to the great temperature fluctuations.
Gere Kopar, Villány
0,1 l   - 0,75 l  27 000 Ft


One of the country’s most well-known wine brands, which has been the symbol of abundance and permanency. It has only been made in the best years. It has an oily structure, oak spices, aromas of black and blue berry fruit, blackberry, cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry, cinnamon, cocoa and anise.
Thummerer Tréfli Cuvée (sweet), Eger
0,1 l   1 500 Ft 0,75 l  11 000 Ft


Traditions spanning generations, classic winemaking. It’s a sweet red wine with natural residual sugar content coming from the grapes, with juicy fruits and oak notes. Intense spicy aromas, with lighter alcohol.

Oremus Édes Szamorodni, Tokaj
0,1 l   2 800 Ft 0,75 l  14 000 Ft


During the spring and summer season the average temperature and rain were well distributed. The cool nights and the dry, sunny afternoons resulted in amazing concentration in the 2017 wines.
Göncöl Aszú, Tokaj
0,1 l   3 200 Ft 0,75 l  16 000 Ft


A blend of Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály (Yellow Muscat or Muscat Blanc) grown on erubase and brown forest soil that was formed on volcanic debris. It’s a mature wine with a soft structure, barrel and spice aromas on the nose, then dried fruits and apricot jam on the palate.

ACCENT Sparkling Bliss, Etyek-Buda
0,1 l   1 700 Ft 0,75 l  12 000 Ft


Bortolomiol Prosecco Senior Extra Dry, Valdobbiandene, Olaszország
0,1 l   - Ft 0,2 l  5 500 Ft
Sauska Rosé Brut Minőségi Pezsgő, Villány
0,1 l   - Ft 0,375 l  8 500 Ft


Bosco Prosecco Frizzante – Doc, Veneto, Italy
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  8 000 Ft


Hungaria Grande Cuvée Brut, Etyek-Buda 
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  10 500 Ft



Kreinbacher Extra Dry, Somló
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  15 500 Ft


Kreinbacher Brut Classic, Somló
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  18 000 Ft



Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve, Franciaország
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  50 000 Ft


Hungaria Irsai Olivér Doux, Etyek-Buda
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  10 500 Ft



Törley Alkoholmentes Doux (Sweet), Etyek-Buda
0,1 l   - Ft 0,75 l  5 500 Ft



Downloadable wine list 

 A'la carte menu

Venison goulash soup
2 690 Ft
Cold apricot cream soup with vanilla ice cream
1 890 Ft

Poussin chimichurri with soybean vegetable salad
6 790 Ft

Chicken breast with breaded cauliflower, asparagus and butter sauce
3 790 Ft
Giant breaded pork chops with french fries, and homemade cabbage salad
gluten, egg
3 990 Ft
Sous vide shoulder steak with roasted mini potatoes, marinated red onion
4 490 Ft
Pike perch fillet with green pea cream gnocchi
fish, lactose, gluten, egg
4 490 Ft

Tagliolini with roasted tomatoes and bear's onion
fish, lactose, gluten, egg
2 990 Ft

Caesar's salad
lactose, gluten, egg, fish, mustard
3 790 Ft
Fish and chips
egg, fish, lactose, mustard
3 490 Ft
Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw salad
gluten, egg, lactose, mustard
3 790 Ft
Spicy mozzarella sticks with potato crisps
egg, lactose, gluten
3 490 Ft
Vegan cheese nuggets with vegetable tempura and avocado dip
3 990 Ft
Daily Chef's special
4 690 Ft

Breaded chicken breast with fries and ketchup
gluten, egg
2 290 Ft

Breaded cheese with fries and mayonnaise  
gluten, lactose, egg
2 390 Ft

Chocolate soufflé, white chocolate mousse, pumpkin seed crumble, forest fruit sauce
lactose, gluten, egg
2 690 Ft
Blueberry cup cream, honey crisp, meringue
gluten, lactose, egg
1 690 Ft

Downloadable menu

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