Wellness & fitness services

Wellness & fitness services

Inner harmony and contentment are the essential elements of a healthy life. Wellness aims to enhance fitness as well as physical, mental and spiritual health and helps to achieve the optimal level of physical, mental, emotional and intellectual faculties and that of endurance. Our spa offers a number of wellness services that enable our guest to actively recharge, relax and do sports. The outstanding therapies are complemented by the wellness and spa sections, which makes the service portfolio of Szent Erzsébet Spa comprehensive.

MassagesColosseum Hotel Mórahalom

In addition to the host of medical services, our guests can choose from the following types of massages:

  • Refreshing massage
  • Detox massage
  • Lymph drainage massage with essential oils
  • Body shaping cellulite massage
  • Sole massage
  • Thai massage
  • Energising coffee massage
  • Honey massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • “Vitality” cup massage (vacuum massage with rubber cups)

Steam chamber

Szent Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom features a 35-40 °C steam chamber with high humidity levels in which our guests can indulge themselves in steam bathing. During steam bathing a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sebaceous glands takes place and there is an increase in blood pressure; furthermore, steam also loosens the muscles and can stimulate discharge of mucous from the lungs and throat.

Salt chamber

The salt particles sprayed into the air of the wellness salt chamber have a healing effect on the respiratory diseases and ease the symptoms of asthma, tracheitis, allergy and hay fever. The salt chamber has anti-inflammatory effects as well. The high salt content exercises curative effects on a number of diseases, detoxifies, and slows down the aging processes.

Tanning parlour

The scope of cosmetic services available at Szent Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom includes a tanning parlour in which the sunbeds with effective tanning lamps are very popular with our guests.

Fitness hall

Various cardio and workout machines help you keep fit and invigorate your body. You can buy a daily ticket or a season ticket to use these machines at Szent Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom. Students can take advantage of special offers.

Cosmetics – Beauty care

Szent Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom has the following services to enhance the beauty of our guests:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Skin Care Treatments to gently rejuvenate your skin
  • Aromatherapy
  • Skincare counselling
  • Application of phytohormones and active plant substances
  • Facial treatments and make-up
  • Iontophoresis
  • Makeup and style counselling
  • Eye Care Lifting
  • Sunbed and other light therapies
  • Depilation with disposable resin
  • Body wrapping
  • Ultrasonic facial treatment
  • Vacuum treatment
  • Facial and body treatments with vitamins
  • Algae pack for face or body
  • Hair care and hair dressing saloon
  • Hand care, manicure and artificial nails
  • Pedicure and foot care

Other wellness treatments

Our spa offers some special spa and wellness services like aromatherapy, Caracalla, magnet therapy which help our guests to relax, heal and recharge their batteries.

Aquatic and land trainings

Our spa provides the following facilities and service for those guests who love exercise:

  • Cardio and muscle strengthening machines
  • Aerobics, step aerobics
  • Aqua fitness (aqua aerobics, aqua workout gymnastics, aqua jogging)
  • Bicycle hire

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From 1st September 2021 all of our guests (regardless to their age) must present and hand over their ID cards or passports for document scanning at the time of check-in to our hotels due to modification of the Act no. CLVI/2016. of Hungary.

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