Room service menu

Room service menu

Enjoy the special dishes of our hotel in the comfort of your room!

Room service: 06:00-22:00



Enjoy the breakfast of your choice in the comfort of your room!

You can submit your request via this link until 20:00 the evening before breakfast.

A'la carte dishes



Buffalo mozzarella with cocktail tomatoes and ruccola
2 990 Ft
Smoked trout with broccoli cream and marinated radish
2 990 Ft
(sulphur-dioxide, lactose, fish)

Goulash soup of Szeged
2 490 Ft
Asparagus cream soup with ricotta filled ravioli
1 790 Ft
(lactose, egg, gluten)
Daily Ched soup
1 990 Ft

Duck breast (rosé or well done) with weet potato purée, grilled pak chio, and strawberry ragout
7 690 Ft

Beef cheeks with bacon and onion parmentier potatoes, and blanched asparagus        
6 190 Ft

Pork tenderloin with ratatouille, potato noodles, and poached egg
4 190 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Chicken breast with wild onion risottom shiitake mushrooms and hollandaise sauce                              
3 790 Ft
(lactose, egg)

Spinach pappardelle with cream
2 790 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose)

Daily Chef's special
4 490 Ft

Hamburger with steak potatoes and coleslaw salad
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Caesar's salad
3 290 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Hot cheese nuggets, fresh salad, avocado dip
3 190 Ft
(gluten, egg, lactose, mustard)

Fish and chips
3 390 Ft
(fish, egg, lactose, mustard)

Venison stwe with fried oniion potato dumplings
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Giant breaded pork chops with french fries and cabbage salad
3 990 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Vegetable 'chicken ragout' with glass noodles
3 590 Ft

Vegan nuggets with fried swwet potatoes and spicy sauce
3 890 Ft

Breaded chicken breast with fries and ketchup
2 290 Ft
(gluten, egg)

Breaded camembert, croquettes, cranberry jam
2 490 Ft
(gluten, lactose, egg)

Pasta with cheese and sour cream
1 890 Ft
(gluten, lactose, egg)

Panna cotta with mango sauce
1 890 Ft

Strawberry mousse with almond crumble and vanilla foam
1 890 Ft
(gluten, lactose, walnut)

Selection of local cheeses
2 990 Ft
(lactose, walnut)



For the above mentioned menu please place your food before 21:00.

Cold dinner 


Cheese, ham, salami sandwich
1 990 Ft
(gluten, lactose, soy)

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements! Our menu is prepared for the most common cases. If you have a sensitivity or special request, please inform the reception or the restaurant staff.

Room service fee:  1 500 Ft / occasion

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