Time out in Mórahalom

Time out in Mórahalom

Colosseum Hotel Mórahalom

Mórahalom received the rank of town in 1989. It is a hub of agricultural production and mainly famous for its fruit growing culture and its spa. Two nature reserves can be found outside Mórahalom, the Csipak fens and the Tanaszi meadows. The nature reserves boast a lot of protected rare plants and flowers like Tussock Sedge, Siberian Iris, Blue Iris, Early Spider Orchid and Bug Orchid. Nowadays, Mórahalom and its neighbourhood enjoy a bustling cultural life and our visitors can visit many attractions and sights worth seeing.

Hidden treasures of nature and hiking

The nature reserves here provide habitats for a great number of endangered species of plants and animals. All members of the family can have a great time discovering these rare species. The flora of the area is unique and very rich. We suggest that you visit Csipak moor, Tanasz meadow or Lake Madarász. You can discover the exquisite birdlife at Lake Madarász, a natural drainage lake that is only 4 km from the centre of Mórahalom. The lake is a nature reserve which is presently utilised as a fish pond. The varying level of water gave life to its water plantation and nesting place for water birds like herons, avocets and black-winged stilts. The deeper waters are frequently visited by grebes, too. Csipak moor harbours the associations from bygone times and serves as a preserved habitat for rare protected plants like the Marsh Gentian, Loose-flowered Orchid and Siberian Iris. A considerable number of marsh Gladiolus and Early Spider Orchid also flourish on the lake. The protected orchids of the lake never fail to please the eye. Tanasz meadow is mosaic and varied. Here the Early Spider Orchid is one of the highly protected species with its 5-10 thousand plants, but Crocus reticulatus and loose flowered orchids are also frequent. “Kiskezű rét” is called “Wonder meadow” (Csoda rét) by the citizens of Ásotthalom. This isolated little moor meadow lies between Ásotthalom and Mórahalom and it is a real miracle that its natural beauty and splendour are still here to see. Buffalo herd at Lake Nagyszéksós:  the buffalo sanctuary outside Mórahalom, open to visitors, is a unique attraction.   


Hiking trips are primarily organised for individual tourists, families and smaller groups.  Participants of the guided hiking trips are provided the opportunity to see scenes closed to mass tourism and explore unique natural treasures. Trips already scheduled and publicised can be ordered by groups for different dates as well.

Móra hiking trip: The starting point of Móra hiking trip is the school and eco house of Nagyszéksós. The route touches the typical and interesting sights of the neighbouring settlements. For the same path horse riding and cycling tours can also be organised. The distance ranges from 4.5-to 43 km and can be covered on Shanks’s pony, horseback or on a bike as well.

Events and attractions in Mórahalom
  • Pig sticking day and Katalin ball
  • Domaszék Feast
  • May Day Celebration
  • May Day Celebration in Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom
  • Paprika Museum
  • Grape Harvest Festival and Rooster stew cooking contest
  • Grape Harvest Festivity
  • Village Feast in Üllés
  • Annual Homokhát Festival (Festival of “Sand Ridge” region)
  • Annual Village Festival of Mórahalom and Cooking Contest
  • Annual Festival of Forráskút
  • Annual Festival of Bordány
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